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Calaveras County General Plan Documents

Planning Documents and other information for Calaveras County General Plan Update

June 2017

Comments on the Medical Cannabis Cultivation and Commerce Ordinance DEIR:

0 CPC – Cannabis DEIR Comments Combined in pdf

January 2016

March 22 – Testimony to BOS re: Mintier General Plan – to Calaveras County BOS – 3-22-16

January 25 – Letter to County Counsel 

CPC request for a due process hearing regarding the staff denial of a public record request (Public Record Act Request for the Mintier General Plan. (Exhibit 1, 1/5/16 Appeal, Attachment 2.)   Letter to County Counsel 1-25-16.fin (1)

January 14 – Planning Commission Meeting – GPU Recap

(all-day meeting, 9-4:40 p.m.)

Agenda: General Plan Update—Conservation & Open Space Element

Reviewed/ Edited:

Introduction & Open Space Map; Background & Settings; half of Goals & Policies (Water, Biological, Air Quality/ GG).

Sections to come back for further review Feb. 4 (text changes, clarifications, more info): Intro; OS Map (7,400 acres cons. easement lands missing); Background—Water quality, rivers, groundwater in west county (Lew spoke and submitted extensive info and concerns about mining “ancient water’), Biological/ vegetation, Air quality, Cultural/ Historic; Goals & Policies—Air Quality.

To Be Continued Feb. 4: Cons. & O.S. Goals & Policies (Scenic Resources, Recreation, Cultural/ Paleo-Historic) and Implementation Programs. If this element is completed then, the PC will continue with either the Circulation Element or revisions to the Technical Background Report.

Note: a couple good policies were eliminated/ changed, but an important one was “saved” late in the dayCOS 2.7 (“Support the voluntary establishment of conservation easements to protect wildlife habitat, wetland areas, and oak woodlands”) was first deleted by the PC, but after public comments, pressure from the Ag commissioner, and multiple proposed changes in wording, Commissioner Muetterties dithered, Ted wavered, and eventually this policy was put back in as COS 2.7 “Conservation easements may be acceptable means to mitigate impacts to wildlife habitat, wetland areas, and oak woodlands.”  

Thanks to everyone who showed up, participated and helped improve the process: Muriel, Joyce, Lew, Colleen, Bob Garamendi, Kevin Wright, Marti, Bonnie Newman, and Bob Dean (who spoke during public comments to question Commissioner Wooster’s hostile position on conservation easements, and disclosed Wooster ’s ownership of them, litigation to remove them, and the loss of his appeal).

Because Commissioner Tunno will be absent the next two Thursdays, the PC decided they will not do any more GPU review until all commissioners can be present…so the next PC/ GPU review is scheduled for the Feb. 4 PC meeting.


December 2015

Planning Director refuses to let the Planning Commission hear appeal

On December 18, the CPC filed an appeal with the Fawn McLaughlin, chair of the Planning Commission, to review Planning Director Maurer’s decision to censor the Mintier General Plan.  On December 21, Director Maurer refused to let the appeal go forward to the Planning Commission.

  1. Appeal of PRA to PC
  2. Maurer Letter on PRA 12-21-15

Calaveras County denies CPC’s public records request for the Mintier General Plan. In the December 4 letter of denial  the County states the one reason for the denial is “that the County no longer has a copy of the December 2010 Mintier General Plan.”

  1. December 4 Letter from County denying the Public Records Request for the Mintier General Plan:  PRA Response from County 12-4-15
  2. Press Release – “County Threw out plan”: Press Release – County threw out plan
  3. Testimony of Tom Infusino to Calaveras County Board of Supervisors: Testimony of Tom Infusino 12-8-15

Calaveras Board of Supervisors Meeting on December 12, 2015:

Planning Department presents the Planning Commission’s recommendations for the 2014 General Plan Update’s Vision Statement and Guiding Principles:

  1. IV-D 2015-12-08 Board of Supervisors – Public Agenda-1366 Hilites (1)
  2. IV-D GP Vision at BOS Dec 8 2015 agenda submittal
  3. IV-D PC Recommended Vision Statement_July 2015

November 2015

Public Records Act Request – Mintier General Plan Calaveras County:

PRA Mintier General Plan final

Attch 1, Harnish memo to Willis, 10-11-11

Attch 2, M and H Letter to BOS, 12-11-12

Attch 3, 2035 GP Introduction

Attch 4, Willis emails, Dec. 2011

Attch 5, Harnish letter to Willis, 12-8-11

Attch 6, Comments on Agenda Item 20, 10-18-14

Attch 7, BOS Agenda & Minutes, 11-23-12

Attch 8, Staff Report 11-23-12.

Attch 10, Mintier email, 12-23-14

Attch 11, Augustine contract, 5-27-14

Attch 12, 2014-15 Final Budget

Attch 13, GP WorkProgram, 12-1-06

Attch 14, Issues and Opportunities Report, June 2008

Attch 15, 12, Alternatives Workshops Report

Attch 16, Calaveras GP Evaluation, 10-12-06

Attch 17, CPC Comments on 2014 Draft G. P. , 3-20-15

Attch 18, Maurer Release Cover Memo, 12-18-14

Attch 19, CPC General Plan comments, 2006-2013

Attch 21, BOS Minutes, 2-10-9

Attch 22, Draft Energy Element

Attch. 23, Economic Development Element, 12-13-11

Attch. 24, OPR General Plan Guidelines, 1990

Attch. 25, DOF List of Cities and Counties, 2015

Attch. 26, DOF Value of Residential Construction, 2015

Attch. 27, DOF Value of Industrial Construction, 2015

Attch. 28, Excerpts of redacted report

Attch. 29, OPR General Plan Guidelines 2003

Excerpts from general plans:











San Joaquin County Draft GP 10-20-14


Land Use Elements:














Policies from 1996 Calaveras County General Plan:







Land Use Designation Appendix


Useful Maps:












2014 Public Review of Draft County General Plan Text:

1 Introduction 12-18-14

2 Land Use 12-18-14

3 Circulation 12-18-14

5 Resource Production 12-18-14

6 Conservation and Open Space 12-18-14

7 Noise 12-18-14

8 Safety Element 12-18-14

9 Public Facilities 12-18-14

10 Glossary 12-18-14

11 Bibliography 12-18-14


Release Cover Memo

SR Att LU Reqests



July 2015

1 Introduction Comments fin

Vision Statements Hearing final public

Implementation and Noise Element at PC (1)

PC on Objectives and Noise

June 2015

Letters and documents submitted to BOS for June 30, 2015  joint meeting with Planning Commission:

Testimony of Tom Infusino 6-30-15 fin

Letter to BOS June 30 015

BOS Letter Attachments

March 2015

Comments on the Calaveras County 2014 Draft  General Plan  – Submitted by the Calaveras Planning Coalition March 20, 2015 – CalaverasGPComments


Attachments for Calaveras GP Comments:

Atch. IC-1 2008 Draft Vision & Guiding Principles Atch.

IC-2 2010 Administrative Draft Introduction. MH Atch.

IC-3 MH Response to 11-13-2012 BOS mtg

LU-1 20111122m

LU-2 BOS Minutes from Map2 Study Session_20130319m

LU-3 GP_Draft2_Staff_Report_3_19_13

LU-4 CalGPU_Prelim_Draft_BR_Chapt_3_Land_Use

LU-5 2008 Draft Vision & Guiding Principles

LU-6 El_Dorado_land_use_element

LU-7 Letter to Planning re lighting in GPU_July 15_2014

LU-8 Element Sects of General_Plan_Guidelines_2003

LU-9 Contamination from septic systems

LU-10 San Joaquin County Draft GP 2014-10-20

Atch. RPC-1 Conservation Easement Overlay Correspondence Atch. RPC-2 Protected for Perpetuity Atch. RPC-3 NSNF Connectivity Report Atch. RPC-4 Ag Forestry Element with Appendices

Atch. RPC-2 Protected for Perpetuity

Atch. RPC-3 NSNF Connectivity Report

Atch. RPC-4 Ag Forestry Element with Appendices

Atch. COSC-1 McGreevy Email

Atch. COSC-2 Parks & Rec Master Plan_v9

Atch. COSC-3 EXHIBITS for Parks & Rec Master Plan_v9

Atch. COSC-4 Protect our Historic Resources

Atch. COSC-5 CSERC Calaveras GP comments 3-11-2015 (2)

Atch. NEC-1 Mariposa County Noise Element

Atch. NEC-2 Marin County Noise Element03192015

Atch. PF-1 Letter on Hogan drought years

Atch. PF-2 Ground water report raises some concerns

Atch. PF-3, Vol 1 – Final MAC Plan Update

Atch. PF-4 Article on Overallocation of Rivers

Atch. PF-5 WaterRights_UCDavis_study

Atch. PF-6, CCWD_Irrigation_Study

Atch. PF-7 Comments_Draft_Mac_Update

Atch. PF-8 Exhibit 14 -_CPC_comments_on_CCWD’s_UWMP

Atch. PF-9 Exhibit_15_-_EBMUD_Tech.__Memo._#6_10102012_0000

Atch. PF-10 Exhibit_16_-_Calaveras_County_2009_Crop_Report

Atch. PF-11 Education in Ventura and SJ general plans

Atch. PF-12 Education in Nevada County General Plan

Atch. PF-13 Draft Education Policies for Calaveras County General Plan

CP-1 Burke Letter Community Plans_BHarrington_09_23_1983

CP-2 101019m

CP-3 100907m

CP-4 100601m_VSCP hilites

CP-5 Board approves revised Valley Springs Community Plan map_CE_06_02_10

CP-6 Rival plans for area’s future go to county VSN_09_10_2010

CP-7 Caltrans-funded VS plan finished_UD_10_22_10

CP-9 Study Session on District 2 Communities_05_24_12

CP-10 VS_community_plan_final_100810

CP-11 VSCP_final_draft_trans_ltr_CCOG

CP-12 Welcome to Valley Springs sign_VSN_04_11_14

CP-13 Valley Springs eyed for new hospital clinic_01_27_15

CP-14 Valley Springs Community Plan Comments_Fin

CP-15 West Point Community Plan Comments

CP-16 San Andreas Community Plan Letter


CP-18 Save the community plans




January 2015

How to comment on the General Plan Update by March 18, 2015:

 December 2014

  • Calaveras County –  December 18, 2014.  County of Calaveras, Department of Planning, “The 2014 Draft General Plan is now available for public review and comment.”   General Plan Draft Documents and December 18, 2014 Release Information are posted for review on the General Plan Update Page.
  • Community Plans, Land Use Requests, and Public Comments are discussed in Planning’s “Executive Summary Director’s Memo.”  See Memo for more info; excerpts below.    “It should be noted that this is just the first draft. Changes to policies and land use designations are expected once the public has a chance to review the draft and the Planning Commission and Board of Supervisors has an opportunity to review it.”
  • Draft General Plan Report Card vfin – A tool for evaluating the draft general plan.

March 2013

Draft of Optional Elements:

Planning Documents for General Plan Update – March 2013:

Letter to UMRWA on MAC IRWMP Improvements to make in the 2013 MAC IRWMP Update Comments Draft Mac Update 1016 p1-30 Comments Draft Mac Update 1016 p 31-60 1-MAC Region MAC Plan Update 120911 2-Governance MAC Plan Update 120911 3-Goals_Objectives_Strategies 120911 4-Implementing_Projects 120911 120912_CommWorkshop_Prelim_Agenda (4) old word IRMWP Guideline Final_07_20_10 EBMUD Draft Revised PEIR (Uploaded on December 15, 2011) CCWD Draft Master Water Plan CAP Comments on CCWD Draft Master Plan

Past CAP Testimony, Comments & Opinions


Existing General Plan: CLICK HERE

Added Documents to General Plan:

General Plan References:

Calaveras County General Plan Documents

Links to: Community Based, Community Visions and Plans Submitted to Calaveras County Preliminary Comments and Documents Submitted by Calaveras Planning Coalition for General Plan Baseline Report / June 2007

More …

CAP/CPC Comments on the General Plan Process:

CAP/CPC Comments on the Issues and Opportunities Report:

CAP/CPC Comments on Draft Economic Analysis:

CAP/CPC Comments on Water Issues and the General Plan:

Editorials, Comments, Opinions on General Plan Update:

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