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Why one farmer is deliberately flooding his field

A California grower is recharging groundwater depleted by years of overuse and drought. Read Article Here  Read More

California residents are apparently wasting no time parting with some of the conservation practices

With the California drought over, water consumption climbs. With the drought officially declared over in California, residents are apparently wasting no time parting with some of the conservation practices they’ve learned over the past five years, according... Learn More

New: Calaveras Board of Supervisor Meetings current and live streaming

“For current and live streaming Board of Supervisors meeting videos, visit Calaveras County Board of Supervisors Meetings page and look for Video links. For recent and archived BOS videos, visit Media Center for Board of Supervisor Meetings. For... Learn More

How Unhealthy Forests Affect Water Supply

California’s mountain forests have been badly stressed by years of drought and fire suppression practices that encourage overly dense stands of trees. We talked to Scott Stephens―a forestry and wildfire expert at UC Berkeley and a member of the PPIC... Learn More

California needs to stop letting farm-water suppliers ignore the law

Agriculture accounts for roughly 80 percent of the water used by people in California. “Roughly” because, unlike urban water districts, farm-water suppliers reveal little about how much of the state’s most precious resource goes into irrigation... Learn More

How California Helps the U.S. Economy

California accounted for 17 percent of job growth in the United States from 2012 to 2016, and a quarter of the growth in gross domestic product. Read New York Times story here  Read More

Climate battle’s vanguard

Brown’s trip to China reinforces a crucial regional partnership. Read LA Times story here  Read More

State cuts may not impact county tree removal

The May revision to Gov. Jerry Brown’s 2017-2018 budget reflects a $50.7 million cut to local tree mortality funding but officials with the Calaveras County Butte Fire tree mortality program aren’t too concerned of the impact. Read Story Here  Read More

Frustrations boil over at marathon cannabis study session

Tension between two elected officials and Calaveras County staff was revealed late Tuesday when it was reported a proposed cannabis cultivation ban could be delayed until October. Read Story Here  Read More

Homeownership is Dead! Long Live the Permanent Real Estate Cooperative!

Imagine that a group of people works hard to fill their neighborhood with urban farms, bike lanes, parks, murals, community services, and education programs. Next, imagine that those same people are forced to move away. Ouch, that bites. By Sustainable... Learn More

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